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CubiCool® is a portable, foldable, and insulated beverage dispenser.

The CubiCool Double will quickly become your must-have companion for aperitifs, picnics, and outdoor parties. With its double capacity (2 x 4 liters), it keeps drinks cool for hours, whether it's wine or cocktails for adults, and beverages for children.
Whether you're at the beach, in your garden, or on vacation, the CubiCool Double will be the friendly and practical companion thanks to its ergonomic shape and two easy-to-use taps, allowing both kids and adults to serve themselves with ease.

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You can use either the commercial boxed wine or one of the two provided pouches or both – it’s up to you!

There are two ways to use it:

1) Insert a 3L or 5L boxed wine (vertical or horizontal format) into the CubiCool, making sure to leave the cardboard box intact and placing the provided frozen ice pack inside the box, in contact with the wine pouch. You can find not only boxed wine, but also boxed cocktails like mojitos or boxed fruit juices at your local store.

2) Fill the provided 5L pouch with your favorite beverage. Thanks to its rigidity and wide opening, it’s easy to fill with fruit, mint for homemade cocktails, flavored waters, or simply your favorite bottled rosé that you can’t find in a boxed wine. Place the filled pouch in the CubiCool, making sure the frozen ice pack is in contact with the beverage filled pouch.

Absolutely! The CubiCool is extra-foldable ! 

Once stored in its storage bag, it takes up no more space than a toiletry kit. At home, it can be easily stored in a drawer, and when you're on vacation, simply pack it in your suitcase or travel bag.

Thanks to its high-quality insulated lining and the provided ice pack, your beverage will stay cool for more than 5 hours !

- Say goodbye to warm wine in the sun,

- Say goodbye to melting ice,

- Say goodbye to trips back and forth to the fridge 

The tripod is an indispensable and ingenious element of the CubiCool. No more balancing your drink dispenser on the edge of a table or needing someone to hold the boxed wine! By securing the CubiCool on its tripod, it's elevated, making it easy to pour your drink with one hand. Its raised position also provides optimal hygiene conditions during a picnic on the ground or at the beach in the sand.

Yes, and that's the chic side of the CubiCool! Whether it’s a barbecue in the backyard or an enhanced picnic, you can safely and easily transport up to 6 stemmed glasses. Thanks to the two lateral supports and the reinforced elastics that hold them in place. (Glasses are not provided)

Reviews about this product

Based on 65 reviews

  • Carine A.
    Published May 27, 2024 at 12:29 pm (Order date: May 22, 2024)

    Very good (Translated review)

  • Juliette S.
    Published Apr 29, 2024 at 11:53 am (Order date: Apr 23, 2024)

    Great color and I'm delighted to have chosen a double. You can also store a fresh water bag in it. (Translated review)

  • Jérémy P.
    Published Apr 27, 2024 at 02:49 pm (Order date: Apr 20, 2024)

    Beautiful color (Translated review)

    Published Apr 19, 2024 at 09:04 am (Order date: Apr 08, 2024)

    bought for a gift, too bad the bag got a stain! (Translated review)

  • Paul v.
    Published Mar 24, 2024 at 11:34 am (Order date: Mar 18, 2024)

    Nice rendering (Translated review)